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Blood Sugar Levels

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One of the most important factors in good health is balanced blood sugar.

This means eating the right type of food at the right times in the day to maintain your energy levels and keep your body relaxed. If it is out of kilter then you will be tired and irritable - too high means glucose is not getting into your cells to produce energy; too low means there is not enough fuel in your blood to get into your cells to produce energy. In both instances, you will crave ‘sugary’ foods or stimulants which will raise your blood sugar very quickly, only to have it come down just as quickly - so you are back to square one.

The answer is to keep your blood sugar in balance and avoid the highs and lows. If you answer yes to any or all of the following questions then it is likely that you have an imbalance in your blood sugar level which is causing mood swings, weight gain and lack of energy.

Does it take longer than 20 minutes to get going in the morning?
Do you need tea, coffee, a cigarette or something sweet to get you going in the morning?
Do you crave chocolate, sweet foods, bread, cereal or pasta? Do you often have a mid-afternoon energy slump?
Do you crave something sweet after meals?
Do you get dizzy or irritable if you go 3 hours without food?
Do you find that you over react to stress?
Is your energy level now less than it used to be?
Do you feel too tired to exercise?
Are you gaining weight and finding it hard to lose, even though you are not eating more or exercising less?

So what are the best ways to balance blood sugar levels and therefore increase energy levels and reduce stress on the body?

Eat regular meals with small healthy snacks in between.
Never go for more than three hours without food.
Eat protein with every meal or snack - this slows down the release of glucose into the bloodstream and will make you feel fuller for longer.
Eat 3-4 portions of vegetables daily, especially green ones.
Eat 3 portions of fruit per day - apples and berries are the best options.
Eat sugary fruit such as grapes, mango, peaches, pears etc in moderation.
Avoid sugar and stimulants - replace with herbal teas and dark chocolate.
Replace white pasta, bread and rice with whole grain versions.
Follow a regular exercise plan either at home or at the gym.
Supplement with Fish oils and a Multi Vitamin.

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