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breakfast - oats and berries


Did you know that what you eat affects the way you feel and how healthy you are?

It is true – we are what we eat – 90% of our body renews itself every 3 months so by eating the right foods you could change your life!

The right breakfast full of brain boosting compounds will really set you up for the day, and help keep you focussed and full of energy.

See how breakfast can boost your brain power!!
The brain needs lots of fuel and nutrients to get you through the day so make sure you make the right choice! It is also well documented that if you want to lose weight, eating breakfast is of utmost importance. This is because the right combination of foods for breakfast, as outlined below, will set your energy levels high at the beginning of the day, fill you up and thus prevent you from snacking on unhealthy snacks throughout the day.

Porridge with berries and seeds is a great source of slow releasing energy to start the day.

Boiled eggs contain phospholipids for enhancing memory.

Apples and pears are also great for slow releasing energy especially if eaten with natural Bio-yogurt. They can also fuel the brain between meals if eaten with a small piece of cheese or small handful of nuts as this protein can keep blood sugar levels even.

Bananas are bursting with potassium needed for memory. Milk is rich in protein, which boosts levels of tyrosine, the brain energising amino acid that increases alertness.

Multi grain bread contains B vitamins which are needed for concentration.

Berries are rich in super nutrients that protect the brain from pollution.

On waking you may be de-hydrated which can reduce concentration levels so have a glass of water on waking and of course keep sipping it throughout the day.

Extra lean bacon is rich in concentration boosting iron.

Kippers or mackerel in the morning are both rich in Omega 3 oils for making brain cells.

Try to avoid sugar coated breakfast cereals or white toast with jam as these cause a rapid rise in blood sugar levels, followed by a short, sharp energy low. This will affect your concentration levels and your ability to focus.

Fruit juices may also contain a lot of sugar which could trigger the sugar rollercoaster and hyperactivity so dilute them with water.

So..... A bowl of porridge made with semi skimmed milk eaten with berries and a handful of seeds, a bacon sandwich made with extra lean organic bacon on multi grain bread or a couple of boiled eggs with a slice of multi grain bread could be just what your body ordered!!! Wash it all down with a glass of water or a cup of herbal tea – green or peppermint and you will be raring to go!!!

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