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How my change in diet helped me lose weight

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I had always been a yo-yo dieter. Each time losing up to 2 stone – then hitting the “wall” and slowly (and sometimes not so slowly!) putting the lbs back on.

Below I have shared some of my experiences and observations:

Alyson Carter at ‘Nutrition4Life’ provided simple basic “Healthy Eating Rules” - common sense – maybe, but important none the less as ground rules for success. While having a generally healthy diet, mine was unfortunately punctuated with a number of “problem” areas needing addressing. These included:

Support of your partner /family is imperative - I was fortunate to have a very supportive wife! However, you will need this support as it will help you stay focused and committed to reaching your goal. Perhaps they would join you in changing their eating habits – they are likely to benefit as well! Preparing separate meals or having to watch your loved one eating a bacon roll each morning or a burger for lunch can be very hard.

Portion control – Do change your dinner plate! 8-9 inch in diameter is sufficient and once finished – don’t go back for seconds! Freeze it, or eat it the following day if possible. Follow advice regarding carbohydrates – a breakfast consisting of porridge, oat cakes for that mid morning snack and sweet potato with lunch or dinner will maintain your energy levels and keep you feeling full for longer.

Keep that all important food diary – and list EVERYTHING. If it is noted down, you can review on a daily / weekly basis and adjust where necessary. Of course you can (and should) have that glass of wine at your sister’s birthday party or enjoy an anniversary meal, just as long as you adjust your intake in the following days.

Vary your diet – if mealtimes get boring, snacking will creep back in to your diet. Personally I have had my eyes opened to a host of of new foods. One example is fish - Salmon, baked cod, fish pie – being a man where meat was “king,” introduction to fish and and indeed quorn has been a tasty revelation!

Finally… Don’t starve yourself – Regular healthy eating is the route to take: Always eat breakfast Take a mid morning snack Enjoy lunch Keep hunger at bay with a mid afternoon snack And finally… Look forward to a healthy, filling dinner!

Good luck with your dieting effort!

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