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Vegetable crisps


They may appear healthy but always check the labels to look out for hidden sugars and fats!!

Here are some of the culprits to look out for:

Grenola professes to be a healthy start to the day as it is full of nuts and seeds. However some brands are also full of oil and sugar, containing up to 500 calories per portion. So please check the contents first (anything up to 15% sugar is acceptable) or have a sprinkle over some fresh berries and organic yogurt rather than a full bowl.

Dried Fruit is full of fibre and is a calcium rich snack. However most dried fruits have 6 times more sugar than their fresh equivalents. A cup of grapes, for example, has 60 calories whereas a cup of raisins can have up to 460 !! So try to choose fresh over dried especially if you are trying to lose weight.

A ‘Veggie’ burger may appear a good healthy alternative to its meat equivalent. So often it is bound together with cheese and fried beans and can contain up to 420 calories - 160 more than its ‘BIG MAC’ equivalent (without cheese). So try making your own with fresh beans and breadcrumbs and egg to bind it.

Roasted vegetable crisps are still fried – in fact they can contain 3.6 g more fat than potato versions. So eat in moderation.

And finally fruit juice - 8 fluid ounces contains 122 calories and 30g of carbohydrates due to all the fruit sugars – so always dilute with water – ideally ½ and ½.

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