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The following clients visited me in my clinic and, after filling in a health questionnaire and food diary, I recommended dietary changes they could make to improve their health and well being.

Food Intolerance

“I would like to simply say , if you feel tired, bloated, headaches etc after eating or simply feel that certain foods make you feel not quite right go and see Alyson. A simple test and discussions with Alyson and change of the way I eat has improved my digestive system completely. No more bloating/energy levels the best I’ve had in years. I’ve even lost some weight too!!
Cheers Alyson"
Liam, October 2022

“I came to see Alyson as I was struggling to find the right diet for my IBS after a stressful period of my life. After a food intolerance test and a new diet plan my stress levels lowered and I became more calm, also my stomach has been normalising since, feeling less bloated and having normal bowl movements. Alyson gave me the tools to understand what helps and balances my stomach function and my mood, and how to move forward to keep a good general health. Thank you so much for everything! "
Clara, September 2022

“I came to see Alyson after a stressful period of my life where I was getting bloated every day and feeling extremely tired. After an initial consultation and food intolerance test, it was clear as to why I was feeling this way. I’m now on the right path and feeling so much better in myself - I’ve even noticed my menstrual cramps are a lot less painful as I’m eating the right things. I would highly recommend Alyson & cannot thank her enough!"
Ayron, April 2022

“Before going to see Alyson, my teenage daughter was suffering with regular tummy aches and nausea. Alyson put her at ease and really listened to her. She thoroughly reviewed her diet and lifestyle and tested her for multiple food allergies. Alyson’s nutritional knowledge is excellent and she has given us invaluable advice. We were surprised to find that she has strong intolerances to milk, eggs and cashews (all of which she ate regularly). Alyson has really educated my daughter about healthy eating, recommended supplements and given her an achievable plan which has helped her feel in control of her health. After just a few weeks, the nausea and tummy aches have completely gone and she is feeling so much better in herself. We definitely should have done this sooner!”
Jo, October 2021

Linda was suffering from several intolerances and once removed, along with other recommended changes, sent through the following comments

“Thank you for the updated report, advice and recommended websites. I would also like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to you for your help. My symptoms have declined rapidly since I started following your dietary advice.
I will keep in touch to update you on my progress."
Linda, October 2021

The result of the food intolerance testing showed that Isla, who is 8 years old, was suffering from an intolerance to cow’s milk.

“Isla is doing great. She has had one evening where she had a pain in her tummy but it was gone by the morning. She’s not had to move to the front of the classroom to sit next to her teacher due to not feeling well/feeling a bit wobbly. Which is incredible. She is finding breakfast time hard due to the milk. We have tried lots of different ones and she says she likes soya milk the most but she just doesn’t want to eat it. It is making breakfast a bit of a rough time. She has taken to whole meal bread really well and is much better with a big snack inside her after school.
We have also noticed she’s not constantly asking for sweet stuff/ treats. She seems to be able to get to sleep easier and isn’t as tired as before.”

Emma, Isla’s mum, was not suffering from a food intolerance but some simple changes to her diet and lifestyle were suggested.

“I’m feeling good. Still tired but not getting all the slumps. I wake up still tired and not feeling energised. I have been having a lot of trouble with pain in my back and shoulders- so that probably isn’t helping as my body must be tired from that pain. It is getting sorted but taking a while. So still not fully energetic but definitely feeling better.”
Isla and Emma, July 2021

I’m so happy I went to visit Alyson for a food intolerance test, within the hour I was aware of what was causing my discomforts and Alyson had put together a food plan. Within a few days I already felt so much better. Alyson shared so much knowledge about food and the digestion process really helping me understand why my body needs certain things and when to eat. Well worth a visit if you are experience discomfort from food’.
Natasha, April 2021

“Absolutely first class. One of those situations where you wish you had done it earlier in your life. I put it off and off, struggled for years and years, then saw results immediately. Made me question why I left it so long!!! Highest possible recommendation. Thanks for all your help.”
Miles, February 2021

“It's been just over 5 weeks since I had my food intolerance test with Alyson and I am already seeing the results from the changes I was advised to implement.

I was suffering from a very painful stomach due to reactions from foods I was intolerant to. Since switching foods to alternatives that were better for me, I feel so much better within myself. I have more energy and have even lost a few kilos!

The service and advice I received felt so personalised and I’m so happy that I finally have a conclusion to the way I have been feeling for years.
For anyone thinking of having a food intolerance test at this clinic, I highly recommend it!”
Puja, December 2020

“I’ve noticed that my tummy pain has been less as I’ve stopped eating eggs. But one evening, I had omelette eggs (I forgot) and noticed a bit of tummy pain afterwards.
I’ve been drinking tea with oat milk and I like it. I’ve made sure I take snack in between and it’s easier when I work from home.
At the moment, I am feeling ok and the pain is much less which I’m pleased. I feel much relieved that I know what to eat and what to avoid.
Thank you for your help and it’s really helpful.
I’ll recommend to my friends and family if they need advice from you.”
Tracie, November 2020

When tested, Amy did was not suffering from any food intolerances, but a review of her food dairy and health questionnaire revealed other factors which she could improve on to help maximise her digestion which she duly implemented.

"I have been getting on so much better, my digestion has improved massively there are still certain things like oat cakes that seem to trigger it off again but I'm learning to listen to my body more than ever.

I do struggle a bit with dinner times as I seem to be eating the same things but I think it's just a case of experimenting. I have put on a little weight, I think I'm eating too many nuts e.g. having a portion everyday so am in the process of changing to alternate days. I'm calorie counting just so I can have an idea of how many I'm consuming.

I am limiting myself to one coffee per day, the first few days were hard as I had terrible headache however this has now subsided. I still have the occasional nap after work but it's not every day like before. Energy levels have changed slightly, I do feel like I can focus more without the caffeine.

I have downloaded an app for fodmaps which is a very good tool to have I don’t find it restrictive at all so that's a bonus. Very glad I came to you, thank you so much." 
Amy, September 2020

Alexa was sufering from bloating, stomach pains and low energy and the food intolerance test showed that she had an intolerance to cow’s milk. During the consultation, we also discussed other factors which could help maximise her digestion and she fed back the following comments after a couple of weeks.

“Things are going well, I’ve replaced cow’s milk with almond milk. My energy levels I feel are getting better & I don’t feel as bloated as often as I did! “
Alexa, September 2020

Brid did not have a food intolerance but as a result of a nutrition consultation and review of her food diary we discovered that she may have had problems digesting foods high in fermentable sugars (FODMAPS). There were also lifestyle issues to consider.

"“I cut out lactose, onion and garlic for two weeks (I found the garlic and onion difficult, only because they are in so many foods!). I’ve been using the app you recommended and found it really useful.

I feel so much better and I lost 3kg in weight since I last saw you. I have tried to slow down my eating too and take time after meals to help digestion. I feel really good and my sleep has improved too!

I only recall having bloating/lose bowels on one or two occasions during the past two/three weeks and honestly can’t say what may have caused it.

I’m in Greece this week on holidays - I’m trying still to stick to my new food habits, but it will be interesting to see what happens! So far, I’m feeling good and haven’t had any lose bowel movements or urgency. "
Brid, August 2020

"I visited Alyson because I was constantly feeling bloated, sluggish and since having 2 kids my diet was pretty poor.
Alyson did an intolerance test which showed that I was lactose intolerant and made suggestions on how I could change my diet.
I feel so much better now from cutting out lactose in my diet and also following Alyson’s recommendations on how to improve my diet. I’m no longer feeling bloated and tired. I’m so glad I went to see Alyson and finally got myself sorted!"
Julie, September 2019

"I went to see Alyson as had digestive issues that I could not understand and control. These left me feeling very sick. I have always, on and off over the years, had nausea problems but had hit rock bottom. I had convinced myself I had leaky gut but after blood test it was a relief to realise I hadn't. A mild intolerance to dairy and gluten. I learnt with the help of Alyson to notice my trigger points and found I was not eating enough and had to calm my digestive system for 3 months and I started to feel so much better. I now can have dairy and gluten again if I need to but I only have a little. I have already recommended people to her and shall continue to do so. I feel I will always have support from her if I need it again, which is a great feeling. Thank you."
Lesley, July 2019

"Alyson, thank you so much for all your help!  Its so nice to wake up each day not feeling ill. You made the whole process so relaxed and easy. Wish I had come sooner. Many thanks." 
Charlotte, September 2019

"I made the changes we discussed from the very next day and it has made a big difference. I have stayed off all milk and milk products. I occasionally get some discomfort but not daily. I have switched to coconut and almond milk. So thank you as I feel much better for it."
Kalpesh, December 2018

Since replacing cow’s milk in her diet and moderating her caffeine and bread intake, Carla saw a big improvement in her overall wellbeing. In her own words:

“I'm doing much better thank you for asking, my skin improved dramatically and I'm feeling so much better overall. So well that I'm able to work as much as my employer needs me.
Thank you once again for all the wonderful work you have done with me that has caused me a great improvement in wellbeing overall ."   
Carla, October 2018

"I just wanted to say a big Thank you for all your help and advice.  After my appointment with you I have completely cut out dairy and slowly but surely, I’ve got my digestion back on track!  I think everything was so sore and sensitive, it’s taken this long to calm down.  I can even have the odd bit of toast and vodka and soda!   I’ve found I am fine with sheep and goats milk products so I don’t feel super-restricted now.

Thank you so much for your invaluable advice. You had such a lovely caring, professional manner, I wouldn’t hesitate to come and see you again or recommend you to a friend."  Helen, September 2018

Dawn found replacing cow’s milk and eggs in the diet, eating at regular intervals in the day, eating protein with meals and snacks and reducing the amount of sugar and sugary foods in the diet helped to improve her digestive issues –
“The changes have really helped me, I’m not so bloated all the time & I’m going to the toilet most days now :)’
Dawn July 2018

"I have replaced milk with oat milk, which is very nice. I avoid eggs as well and my rash has completely gone.
On the whole, I have cut out carbs in the evening and now my bowel movement is daily.  I am very happy with my new diet and would like to thank you for your help."
Faye, May 2018

"Since making changes to my diet, I certainly don’t feel as sick or have pains anymore like I used too. I have cut down on fruit and fruit smoothies a lot and now only have berries and apples and bananas once or twice a week. I don’t have cow’s milk much anymore but I do still eat cheese but try to stick to goats or sheep’s products instead. I feel a lot less bloated and sick because of this.  Thank you."
Anna, May 2018

"I haven't had any cow’s milk since our meeting and consequently have had no stomach pain since. Thank you for the consultation, I found it very helpful.  Best Wishes"
Ellie, April 2018

"Thank you for our session a few weeks ago. I’ve seen such a difference in how I feel and the symptoms we discussed so it was really beneficial. I’ve not used olive oil or eaten potatoes since and it really is a big change I’ve noticed including my mood. "
Felicity, January 2018

"For a very long time I had struggled with very painful tummy cramps and feeling under the weather which to me felt as though it took over my life, however I was then introduced to Alyson Carter through netball whom help change my life. I attended a nutrition meeting with her which I then took a food intolerance test to find out that I had a very strong dairy intolerance. I was so shocked at how quickly and accurate the test was. It was painless and would highly recommend. Alyson was so helpful and advised me on different food alternatives that I could eat and has supported me ever since with my diet and I cannot thank her enough. I can now honestly say that with her help my life is so different and I feel like a new person. I could not recommend Alyson enough.”    Nancy, September 2017

"My stomach is a lot more under control as I now know what I can and can’t eat. I still have problems on the odd occasion but it’s much better than it was :-) thank you so much for all your help.”
Michelle, July 2017

"Thank you I am doing much better with avoiding cows milk - I believe the bloating has gone down, less head aches and tummy aches! I'm also not eating much wheat, so feeling much better - thank you."
Lucy, July 2017

"Alyson has been extremely helpful and supportive. Before seeing her I was feeling unwell, lacked energy and suffered with digestive issues. The food intolerance test was fantastic as it gave an instant result. She helped me plan my diet around allergies and offered alternatives. I noticed a difference with digestion and energy levels within a week and now feel completely healthy. Thanks Alyson!”
Anna F, June 2017

Shannon has an auto-immune disorder and was found to have an intolerance to several foods including egg, cow’s milk and gluten

“So, I've cut out everything I was intolerant too except for dark chocolate occasionally. On the off chance I've been at a restaurant and all of my intolerances have not been able to be catered for I have focused on gluten and diary as they are the easiest to accommodate for in restaurants. As a result, my energy levels have increased and my bloating much improved”.  
Shannon, April 2017

"I booked an appointment with Alyson after suffering several months of stomach pain and discomfort. After an hour with Alyson, I knew where I was going wrong with my diet and lifestyle, as well as the foods that I could potentially be intolerant too. After over a month of having a more balanced diet, whilst cutting out the foods identified in the intolerance test, I can honestly say that my tummy is becoming normal and less aggravated again. Really pleased I made an appointment and very relieved."
Emily - February 2017

“I was recommended to consult Alyson Carter by another health professional.
After 19 years of suffering pain, inflammation and difficult gut problems, I went to see Alyson for a Food Intolerance Test. This felt like almost my last possible source of help. The test itself showed some reaction to wheat.

By removing wheat, caffeine, sugar and chocolate from my diet, I simply had to eat regular, varied, well balanced meals and snacks. Some days, of course, this was 'easier said than done', but the evidence of the increased wellness which I experienced was enough to keep me focussed, pain-free and determined to persevere. Of real importance was keeping an accurate Food Intake Diary.

Continued support and encouragement from Alyson was always available, in person, by telephone and e-mail. Knowing that I could ask for help at any time was reassuring.

I am very grateful to have spoken to Alyson, someone who accepted how difficult eating had become due to pain, who also acknowledged the reality of everyday life with an unpredictable gut, and who gave me encouragement and understanding, all when I was in despair of ever finding help from anyone who believed me without blaming me for my situation."
J Dickenson - 2016

"I took the intolerance test in an attempt to boost my immunity two years after having my first child. My test revealed
an intolerance of yeast and egg. Having cut these from my diet, I had more energy and less skin irritation.
After 5 weeks on the new diet, my IBS symptons have completely disappeared. Alison has since refined my initial plan and I hope this will help but my immune system in time for the winter months."
L Stavers – July 2016

“For us meeting with Alyson has been a major turning point. By the time we came to Alyson we had already had a massive amount of tests to try to find the cause of my daughter’s chronic migraines. Nothing showed up and we were losing hope, thinking that we would have to live with this condition. Alyson’s food detective test showed she was sensitive to eggs. We removed them and added a healthy alternate breakfast as per Alyson’s plan and the migraines have now been reduced to a very manageable level and without the intensity as before. Prior to this we were considering full time medication, our last resort, and now we feel this won’t be necessary.

My whole family plans to visit Alyson because she has been so effective. Alyson throughout has been caring, patient, informative, understanding and refreshingly logical. I would highly recommend anyone with any kind of imbalance to go and see Alyson as soon as possible."
Natasha, Berkhamsted UK – September 2015

"Dear Alyson
Thank you for all your help. As I think my mum has told you, the changes that I've made to my diet following our meeting have been really helpful and currently my IBS is under control.

The major changes I've made to my diet are:
(i) cutting out cashew nuts;
(ii) swapping cow's milk for a plant-based milk;
(iii) avoiding creamy sauces and eggs;
(iv) eating more protein (lentils, beans and chicken), and
(v) avoiding processed foods almost entirely.

Since then I've found that I rarely feel bloated and my stomach has been very settled. I have also noticed that when I do eat a milk-based product, like ice cream or a lot of butter, my stomach will be upset. However, I have found that I am able to eat cheese without any noticeable effects. Eating enough protein and avoiding processed foods also seem to have a big effect on helping my symptoms. Taking a probiotic has also had a noticeable impact on my digestive system.
Thank you for all your help"
Rachel - August 2015

food intolerance

“I have been treating a female patient, 18 years old, who has had a persistent Athlete’s Foot infection for many years. It had also spread to the toenails. The infection would respond initially to topical treatments, but it kept reoccurring and the patient was frustrated and self-conscious about her feet.

Some types of Athlete’s Foot and fungal nail infections are associated with Candida, a yeast infection, and I suspected there was an underlying dietary cause for the condition. I suggested the patient see Alyson Carter for a food intolerance test to see if, indeed, she was intolerant to yeast.

Alyson performed the test, and found there was an intolerance there. Alyson was able to advise the patient about which foods and drinks to avoid and the patient did this over a course of approximately 3 months. She then came back to me in the summer for a foot health treatment and I was amazed to find no signs of Athlete’s Foot or fungal nail infection. The patient is delighted and happy to wear sandals again this summer.”
Lorna Pullman, Foot Health Practitioner - July 2015

"I went to Alyson for help with IBS- I had been told for years this is what I had but suspected it was food related and had tried cutting down on wheat. However the test showed I had an intolerance to cow’s milk, wheat, oats and yeast and Alyson gave me some great advice about my diet.
I am now much better and do not have the issues I had. I also took my 13 year old son and he too has the same issue with cow’s milk
Alyson is a kind and caring nutritional therapist who is knowledgeable and supportive."
Debbie Gilbert - May 2015

"I visited Alyson after suddenly developing some food intolerances. I knew that some key items in my diet were suddenly disagreeing with me but didn't know how to eliminate them from my diet without missing out on key nutrients. As a vegetarian it became more and more difficult and confusing on what I should be doing to adjust my diet, whilst my GP was understanding, as I didn't have a medical condition her advice was limited.

Alyson was a pleasure to talk to, she made me feel very comfortable and very quickly understood the nature of my problem. Alyson gave me clear and concise advice on what I should do and also set out a general plan that I should follow and then adjust over time, as things settled. I now feel as though I have a good understanding on key food items that I need and can include in my diet, inflammatory foods to avoid and I have a variety of meals which I can eat with confidence that they are full of all of the right nutrients that my body needs."

Sian Allen  - June 2011

Weight Loss

"On a routine visit to the doctors, I picked up a flyer for Nutrition for Life and wanted to make some positive changes to my eating habits and weight as I am getting married in November 2016.

I had previously been to slimming world and lost over two stone however that weight started to creep on and I had not learnt about food. Following the completion of a food diary and initial consultation I have made the following changes to my diet.

The major changes I've made to my diet are:
(i) having healthy snacks throughout the day that consisted of protein either in the form of 25g mixed nuts or chicken/eggs
(ii) cutting out carbs in the evening i.e. bread, jacket potatoes, rice and having them during the day
(iii) eating more varied sources of protein (lentils, beans and chicken), and
(iv) exercising on a regular basis

Since I have made all the changes to my diet, I have found that my bowel movements are better, my energy levels are greater than they were and I have lost over one stone.

I firmly believe that I will continue to take on the advice and guidance from Alyson and looking forward to my special day in November 2016.

Thank you for all your help and support."
Trish - October 2016


Kelly Perryman – participant in the Biggest Loser Challenge for the Hospice of St Francis 2013 and has carried on to lose more...

"Alyson Carter literally helped change my life! With her help and nutrition plans that I followed I lost a considerable amount of weight (whilst exercising too!)I learned about foods and how they can help and benefit me and what not to eat! Now my new healthy outlook on eating was not just a fad, but life changing and it was with her help that I am grateful for this change, and now I am a whole new me!"

Kelly - 2014

Hospice weight loss

Participant in the Biggest Loser Challenge for the Hospice of St Francis – lost 4 stone in 7 months.

"I decided I would take part in the Biggest Loser Challenge for the Hospice of St Francis as it is such a wonderful charity. I didn't take part to win but instead viewed it as a chance to get some money for the charity at the same time as being educated about what to eat and how to exercise. I'd tried every kind of diet in the past and knew I could lose the weight but I could never keep it off.

I was given an eating plan by Alyson on the first week and can remember thinking "what has my life come to" when I sat with a glass of water and some pumpkin seeds on the first Saturday night.

7 months later and nearly 4 stone lighter I can honestly tell you what my life has come to...I am a much happier and healthier individual who has much more fun! I have just bought a pair of jeggings in a size 14 - when I started I was a size 22 - that made me feel better than any takeaway ever made me feel AND I love exercise now - yes "love" exercise.

The hardest week was definitely the first and each week got a bit easier after that. I was advised to keep a diary and this really helped. I gave up adding sugar to drinks completely and on Alyson's advice didn't replace it with sweeteners. I saved my treats all week and had a bottle of wine at the weekend and enjoyed it! (I had to make the plan my own!).

Now, people always ask me what diet I am on. I find this funny because I really am not on a diet - I have just changed the way I think about food and so I find myself telling people the sorts of food I eat now and when, instead.

I am so pleased with the help and advice I have been given - I am now seeking Alyson's help to try and tackle my childrens' diets."
Maxine Smith 

"I never thought I'd ever be able to lose all the weight I'd managed to put on over the years, until Alyson educated me about healthy foods and what to eat to lose weight. In 6 weeks I've lost 17 pounds and have so much energy - it's like I've been given a new set of rules to run a different type of lifestyle. Thanks Alyson."  L. Wilkinson - Feb 2012

" Dear Alyson, Thank you for your guidance during our sessions together; I have found our discussions extremely useful in enabling me to incorporate a more healthy eating regime into my hectic lifestyle, which has enabled me to have more energy and yet still lose weight as I reach middle age, by eating appropriate foods more regularly, thus enabling me to avoid the "sugar" lows which previously I had managed through a "quick" fix! Your gentle and guiding manner has supported me through small yet very effective lifestyle changes, for which I am most grateful. The follow up notes after each session have always been a really useful reminder of our discussions each time. I am more than happy to provide you with a testimonial and recommend your services. Many thanks."  
Mrs K - September 2011

 "Alyson’s guidance helped me devise a healthy eating plan I really enjoy, I can eat lots of delicious food and I’m not hungry between meals. I’ve lost weight steadily, have lost 12lb now, and I’m full of energy. The gym sessions with David Vassy have helped me tone up and lose inches, over an inch-and-a-half off my waist, and my clothes are getting loose. The small group sessions are very sociable, with lots of good humour, and often don’t seem like hard work at all." 
Annette Benson – Weight Loss Programme – January- 2010

"After several years of yo-yo dieting and quirky diets my weight was way too high (as was my Cholesterol) even though I worked out a couple of times a week. However all changed when I embarked on Alyson and Vassy's Weight Management Course. Sitting down with Alyson and talking through my eating habits and lifestyle on a personal one to one basis helped me understand why I did not keep the weight off. It wasn't about depriving myself and 'being different' it was about a new approach to food which I can honestly say has had such an impact on my well being. Add to that Vassy's hard but fun twice a week workout 'doable' by everyone led to me to a healthier, liveiler life style. I have lost weight and toned up and it has now become a way of life. I can contact Alyson if I need help and Vassy keeps an eye on my work out routine when I am at the gym. I feel great and the weight is slowly but surely going down and (most importantly) staying off."
Angela Thornley – Weight Loss Programme – January- 2010

“The weight management course at Sportspace proved to be the perfect catalyst for me to kick start my weight loss and improve my general health. Alyson’s nutritional advice and support was invaluable. She helped structure an eating plan suited to my goals and gave lots of tips and friendly encouragement throughout. The weekly weigh-in with Alyson was a chance to talk through any problems and she provided lots of statistics on weight and internal body fat to see where progress was being made. I’ve never found it easy to keep on track with diet and exercise plans, but Alyson and the fitness team created such a fun, friendly and supportive programme, that I stayed motivated and quickly started to see results."
Susannah Williams – Weight Management Course September – December 2009

Digestive Problems

"Despite being a 'cook from scratch' home cook and feeling fairly knowledgeable about food and nutrition I found myself completely lost and in a cycle of pain and discomfort that lasted for months. Alison helped me to pin-point areas where I could just make small changes in my daily routine, strip back my food to get a calm base and direct me forward in getting myself back on track and managing my symptoms. I had tried myself for months with no success and Alison sorted me out on the way to feeling so much better in a matter of weeks, so glad I asked for her help as I was getting nowhere by myself."

Julie - February 2021

"Hi Alyson, I now have different breakfasts and have cut out a lot of the fruit and replaced with other snacks like nuts. I have only had one day with stomach pains since I started doing this. My bowels are moving a lot more regularly and only on one occasion constipated. I also eat more slowly which is definitely helping. I don't always drink the lemon and water first thing as i need my tea - but am drinking it during the day.
All in All I feel so much better! Thank you."

Kim - November 2019

"I have followed your good advice and have been back to normal for quite a few days now. I have not had any symptoms since seeing you last time and have cut out oats completely. Combined with sourdough bread the change has been great.  Thanks for your help. I will be in touch if I feel that I need any further advice." 

Maurice - September 2019

"Thank you for the follow up response.. Yes, everything has been going okay thank you, I’ve definitely been drinking more water, less sugary drinks and not drinking right before and after meals which feels like it’s made a difference to my digestion. With regards to eating late, I’m still struggling to eat early enough and not right before bed but that’s a lifestyle change, I’ll have to work on! Along with making time for a protein rich breakfast. So, I’m still getting bloated but hoping to continue to lose more weight and cut down my sugar intake."
Abbey - April 2019

"The eating plan has made a huge difference!! Feeling so much better. More energy, less bloating and had no food related headaches. It has been relatively easy to stick to (only had one or two slip ups!)"
Esie - January2019

"Going through a particularly stressful period was really affecting my body and I became sensitive to a lot of foods. Meeting Alyson was a breath of fresh air – she really helped me eliminate and work out what was causing my body distress. Her calm and reassuring manner immediately put me at ease and she gave me the confidence to change my diet and see real results. The food intolerance test was something I had previously been skeptical about but Alyson explained the process clearly and the results spoke for itself. It affirmed that Alyson had worked with me to understand what my body needed, and also didn’t. The journey I had been on with Alyson saw truly effective results."
Justine - July 2015

Food intolerance testing

"After suffering with digestive problems over the last ten years, Alyson has helped me to alter my diet and bring to light the possible causes of my suffering. She spent a long time discussing my diet and lifestyle and has helped me to realise where I have been going wrong over the years. This is still a working progress but I am much more aware now of what I need to do and what I need to change. Thank you! " 
Katherine – October 2014

"I was desperate for a solution for my gastric problems when I found Alyson Carter at Nutrition 4 Life. I was at the stage where I didn't know what to eat without pain, bloating, and burning indigestion. I was taking medication for controlling acid production and having had numerous tests which showed no abnormalities, I wasn't sure what do do next.

Alyson was very knowledgable, kind and willing to work with me to find natural solutions. She started me on a diet using foods which were calming and easily digested for 2 weeks to see how I progressed. This strategy seemed to make a marked improvement immediately. 'Sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees' and it just needs that right person to kick you in the right direction!

I am now off my medication after only 3 consultations, and armed with my new dietary plans ready to move forward with the rest of my life. Thank you:)"  
Carol – April 2014

Low Energy

" I was worried at first when my eating habits were all over the place, I had very little energy but since I have been seeing Alyson I had guidance and support throughout to improve my eating and feel a big improvement. Even now I know what I need to do I know that I can always contact or see Alyson which has made this new regime so much easier to put into my daily routine. I would recommend the services to anyone who is not sure what to do about having eating problems as the advice I was given has changed my daily look on food."
Emily  - January 2014


"For me personally I had some issues with high auto immune cells; cytokines and natural killer cells that were driving a response to miscarry or prevent implantation. Having IVF I was being treated medically for this but I supplemented this with a combination of acupuncture and nutritional changes. I felt that my problems were related to internal imbalances and a high auto-immune response so acupuncture helped restore the balance and normalised my systems. The treatment is relaxing and it helped around implantation with increasing the valuable blood flow to the womb but I also feel it worked over a period of time on the run up to transfer in helping stabilise my immune cells. They slowly came down when the medical treatment failed.

As for the change in diet I firmly believe that the advice given by Alyson also restored a balance in my body and addressed certain deficiencies with my diet. The diet was partly aimed at decreasing an inflammatory response in the body and it worked after about 4-6 weeks.

I strongly believe the combination of treatments that both Hazel and Alyson gave me have contributed hugely to the success of IVF. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them for treating infertility or complementing any IVF process."

Rachel, 7 February 2014

"I first started seeing Alyson In January 2008. I had two issues which I needed addressing – firstly I needed help losing weight and secondly my partner and I had been trying unsuccessfully for a baby for around a year.

Within the first 6 months of seeing Alyson I had lost almost 2 stone and by June 2008 was pregnant. Alyson sorted out by body by ensuring I was eating the correct foods, drinking less alcohol and more water and taking the correct supplements for my lifestyle. The difference was massive – not only was I losing weight (easily) but my skin was clear and glowing (the best it had been in many years). I had far more energy and the daily headaches had disappeared. Physically I felt so much better but also mentally I had far more confidence and felt a lot happier.

Once pregnant Alyson gave me fantastic support and advice and helped me thorough the pregnancy. Every month was a different symptom and Alyson was able to give nutritional advice to help me with each. I was confident that both myself and my baby were as healthy as could be.

Having Alyson as an advisor throughout my pregnancy has been one of the best things for me. I found that the midwives were not necessarily able/willing to advise on nutrition in great detail."

Emma - January 2008

Children and Teens

"I first contacted Alyson for my 17 year old daughter who was suffering with the symptoms of low thyroid function and bloating – which was causing her much discomfort. As a healthy, food aware teenager, we were unsure how to change her diet to help with the symptoms.

The weekly meetings, along with regular nutrition reports were a great support and has taught Katie a lot about what foods are best to eat, and when and which foods to avoid to lessen her symptoms and make her feel better. Due to having an intolerance test done, we found out that Katie was intolerant to cow’s milk. Alyson has helped Katie to alter her diet to facilitate this and ever since her symptoms have improved greatly.

Alyson’s easy, friendly approach immediately made Katie feel comfortable and easy to talk openly about how she was feeling. With the knowledge she has gained, three months on Katie can now confidently manage her diet, with the advice Alyson has given, so I would highly recommend Alyson as a nutritionist."
Katie’s Mum – October 2010

"My 7 year old son, Nathaniel, had year group tests in February and when we received the results we were shocked to find that he was well below his class average in all areas of his school work. We had a meeting with the Headmistress who suggested that we have him assessed by an independent educational psychologist. Apart from indicating some learning difficulties namely phonological dyslexia, the report made other suggestions to resolve concentration problems and fidgeting; one of which was to consult a nutritionist. The reason for this was to see if diet could be responsible or indeed change of diet could make a difference.

I was fortunate to know Alyson Carter of Nutrition 4 Life from my Women in Business group. Alyson immediately offered to help and we arranged for a food diary to be completed after which we then scheduled a meeting for my son and me.

The meeting was held at Alyson’s home in her office but we were made to feel very welcome and Nathaniel felt immediately relaxed by Alyson’s friendly approach. I think Nathaniel was quite nervous as to what to expect of this meeting and so it was important that Alyson made him feel comfortable. They soon were chatting away about Nathaniel’s food likes and dislikes and what items were healthier. A typical day’s food was also discussed. Nathaniel took part and made several comments – at no time was there any feeling that he or I were under scrutiny! Alyson made some very helpful suggestions of small changes to make and Nathaniel took these on board. Alyson straight away determined that breakfast was a problem and we discussed what we could give Nathaniel to eat instead of his usual Jaffa Cakes or chocolate cereal. Alyson also gave me tips of certain brands to look out for which would be preferable due to low sugar content for example. I was surprised to see how things that Nathaniel had been eating that we considered healthy could possibly be affecting the way he behaved. We went away from the meeting feeling very positive and Nathaniel was able to tell people about what he had learnt about what foods he should be eating. We also found out that he was probably not drinking enough and resolved to make sure he had more water.

None of the changes Alyson suggested were too dramatic or difficult to introduce and despite us having Easter the school holidays we managed to make some changes and used food we knew Nathaniel already liked. When he went back to school we told the teachers to see that he had more water to drink, changed his breakfast and mid morning snacks. Nathaniel of his own accord decided to forego his usual jam sandwiches for cheese or tuna at tea time. All in all we were pleased to see some quick results. Nathaniel’s behaviour in class changed and he was not told off so often. The teachers told us he was concentrating more and fidgeting less in class. Generally his school work improved markedly. So much so that his end of work report was very good and the Head Mistress was thrilled with the huge improvement.

I would whole heartedly recommend Alyson as a Nutritionist. Her advice is clear and put in a way that is easy to understand. I liked the fact that as a mother I did not feel judged at all and was given very good hints and tips from Alyson who as a mother herself knows what kids are like about food. She has an excellent rapport with children and the small suggested changes make a huge difference. Alyson is easy to deal with and I found her fees and charges to be extremely reasonable."
Mrs Farrow (about her son):


"As part of an Employee Wellness Week we asked Alyson to provide us with a day of nutritional advice to our employees. She met with a number of employees from a variety of areas within our organisation who prior to the day completed an in depth questionnaire and food diary so that she had as much information as possible on the day.

The day was fantastic and each session was followed up by written advice and guidance, which detailed changes that could be made to help the employee get more from or improve their diet.

Feedback from our employees was really positive with many going on to find out more information. A really cost effect way to help reduce sickness absence due to minor dietary problems. We will definitely ask Alyson to join again when we run another wellness week for employees."
Debbie Whiting – HR Manager Sportspace

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