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Food Sensitivity Testing and Consultation Nutrition consultation and finger prick blood test in clinic to determine possible causes of digestive discomfort.
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alyson Carter, Nutrition 4 Life
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Alyson Carter
BA Hons, Dip Nut
Registered Nutritionist MBANT
Registered Nutritional Therapist CNHC 

at Nutrition 4 Life

'Read my story'- 'How good nutrition made my childs life worth living' ... read more

'Optimise your health through your diet'

Certain foods will enhance your overall wellbeing and make you feel good whilst others may be detrimental leading to common health complaints such as low energy weight gain and problems with digestion or stress.

We can provide you with a healthy eating and lifestyle plan to maximise your health. A Nutritional Consultation Programme with Nutrition 4 Life will give you all the information and guidelines you need to set you on the path to optimal health. 

Nutrition 4 Life practices at the Naturality Wellness Centre in Berkhamsted

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So, what should we be eating?

There are some great questions that are asked over and over again by clients who are keen to optimise their health.

Christmas food

Tips for Digestive Health

Often, it is not just what we eat but how we eat and approach food that can help out digestion work effectively. So, here are a few things I always discuss with clients who want help managing their digestion if they are suffering from symptoms such as bloating, low energy constipation or diarrhoea....

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Optimise your health...

weight loss
Weight Loss
Try this for sustainable weight loss...  read in full
sugary foods
Avoid sugar foods to optimise your health... read in full
Why you shouldn't skip breakfast  ... read in full


A few simple dietary changes and you too could improve your health and well being...

"No more bloating/energy levels the best I’ve had in years. I’ve even lost some weight too!" 
... read in full
"She thoroughly reviewed her diet and lifestyle and tested her for multiple food allergies" 
... read in full
"Absolutely first class. One of those situations where you wish you had done it earlier in your life." ... read in full
"my skin improved dramatically and I'm feeling so much better overall. So well that I'm able to work as much as my employer needs me. " ... read in full
"The food intolerance test was fantastic as it gave an instant result....I noticed a difference with digestion & energy levels in a week "... read in full
"I’m so happy I went to visit Alyson for a food intolerance test, within the hour I was aware of what was causing my discomforts "
... read in full

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