Nutrition Programmes

optimise your skin

Optimise your Skin

Nutrition Consultation and Food Sensitivity Test – cost £125

From the inside, we look at supporting your gut and identifying any food sensitivities which may be causing a level of inflammation in the system, by carrying out a food sensitivity finger prick test. We then review your food diary to maybe identify other foods which we know cause a level of inflammation in the body and which may feature regularly in your diet. Based on all the information, we then put a plan together to help support your gut health which in turn will help maximise your skin health.
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Nutrition Consultation and Food Sensitivity Test along with a full expert Skincare Consultation  –  cost £150

We also offer a package which involves looking at your skin from the outside as well as the inside, by means of an expert skincare  consultation carried out by Jo at Mediskin Beauty Clinic –

As a Diamond Consultation Provider you will receive a full assessment of your skin and advice will be offered on the right skincare and treatments to suit your needs. This includes the option to try a taster of Dermalux LED light therapy which has multiple benefits and can be very effective at reducing inflammation.  You will also receive a take-away trial skincare kit geared to your specific requirements.

We will book this in for you at the time of your booking for the test and consultation.