Nutrition Programmes


Manage Blood Sugar Level Consultation

Cost of consultation, report and telephone follow-up £100

If you experience energy dips throughout the day, especially mid-afternoon, you may need advice on how to balance your blood sugar to prevent this from occurring.

Certain foods will cause a steep rise in the blood sugar level making you feel lethargic, tired and irritable, and certain other foods will help to steady it. We therefore look at the diet to make sure that there is the correct balance between the two types of foods throughout the day, thus enabling energy levels to be maintained.

Pre-Diabetes advice
If you have recently been diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes, I can help to support you through this to help ensure that your diet supports rather than disrupts the blood sugar level.

  • Cost of consultation and report              £100    
    (duration 1 hour)
  • Follow up telephone consult after 4 weeks included in the price (duration 30 minutes)
  • Face to face follow-up if required           £75 
    (duration 1 hour)