The following clients visited me in my clinic and, after filling in a health questionnaire and food diary, I recommended dietary changes they could make to improve their health and well being.


Bethany had been having problems with her skin – mainly acne on her cheeks- and also her digestion – but when tested, did not show an intolerance to any of the foods.  Sugar and sugary foods did however feature in her diet on a daily basis.

Sugar is an inflammatory food and can contribute to skin problems and also gut problems and so her plan was based around replacing sugar and eating more slow release energy foods.

“I have found a massive difference in my skin! It’s amazing how quickly I’ve noticed a difference.  I also have a more regular bowel movement (every day now!) 

I already feel a lot better although I’m eating more and more regularly I have much more energy and no afternoon slump. 

Thank you for all of your help. “


Sarah was suffering from an intolerance to both egg and cow’s milk and after 1 month of changing her diet, she reported the following –

“I’ve made quite a few changes in response to my report and our session. I’ve cut out any egg products that are not baked for now. So refraining from Omelettes, quiche, etc and I didn’t realise how much low fat mayonnaise I was having. I’ve swopped that for a vegan version. I’ve changed my dairy to lactose free ( milk and cheese) and avoided other types to see how I go. I tried the nut oat and soya milks and they aren’t for me haha but am open to retrying once I get a handle on everything else. I’ve become more aware of The Fodmap foods and are reducing bad ones little by little- baked beans etc. 

I seem to have less episodes of upset stomach than before. Still getting the odd one but a definite improvement and a little bit of wind/belching but not as much for sure. I’m more aware of what I’ve eaten and that could have triggered a reaction now once it does happen. I think what I have now is the information to make educated decisions on what may upset me and to avoid those things whilst not at home. Testament to that is that I came home last night from a couple of days in Madrid which would have been a bit of a red flag time for me with panic and anxiety over stomach issues but knowing I  reduced my ‘ risks’ with my smart swops and the avoidance of know triggers helped me enormously. 

Thank you for your help”

L. Wilkinson

“I never thought I’d ever be able to lose all the weight I’d managed to put on over the years, until Alyson educated me about healthy foods and what to eat to lose weight. In 6 weeks I’ve lost 17 pounds and have so much energy – it’s like I’ve been given a new set of rules to run a different type of lifestyle. Thanks Alyson.”


“I would like to simply say , if you feel tired, bloated, headaches etc after eating or simply feel that certain foods make you feel not quite right go and see Alyson. A simple test and discussions with Alyson and change of the way I eat has improved my digestive system completely. No more bloating/energy levels the best I’ve had in years. I’ve even lost some weight too!!
Cheers Alyson”


“I came to see Alyson as I was struggling to find the right diet for my IBS after a stressful period of my life. After a food intolerance test and a new diet plan my stress levels lowered and I became more calm, also my stomach has been normalising since, feeling less bloated and having normal bowl movements. Alyson gave me the tools to understand what helps and balances my stomach function and my mood, and how to move forward to keep a good general health. Thank you so much for everything!”


“I came to see Alyson after a stressful period of my life where I was getting bloated every day and feeling extremely tired. After an initial consultation and food intolerance test, it was clear as to why I was feeling this way. I’m now on the right path and feeling so much better in myself – I’ve even noticed my menstrual cramps are a lot less painful as I’m eating the right things. I would highly recommend Alyson & cannot thank her enough!”


“Before going to see Alyson, my teenage daughter was suffering with regular tummy aches and nausea. Alyson put her at ease and really listened to her. She thoroughly reviewed her diet and lifestyle and tested her for multiple food allergies. Alyson’s nutritional knowledge is excellent and she has given us invaluable advice. We were surprised to find that she has strong intolerances to milk, eggs and cashews (all of which she ate regularly). Alyson has really educated my daughter about healthy eating, recommended supplements and given her an achievable plan which has helped her feel in control of her health. After just a few weeks, the nausea and tummy aches have completely gone and she is feeling so much better in herself. We definitely should have done this sooner!”

Isla & Emma

The result of the food intolerance testing showed that Isla, who is 8 years old, was suffering from an intolerance to cow’s milk.

“Isla is doing great. She has had one evening where she had a pain in her tummy but it was gone by the morning. She’s not had to move to the front of the classroom to sit next to her teacher due to not feeling well/feeling a bit wobbly. Which is incredible. She is finding breakfast time hard due to the milk. We have tried lots of different ones and she says she likes soya milk the most but she just doesn’t want to eat it. It is making breakfast a bit of a rough time. She has taken to whole meal bread really well and is much better with a big snack inside her after school.
We have also noticed she’s not constantly asking for sweet stuff/ treats. She seems to be able to get to sleep easier and isn’t as tired as before.”

Emma, Isla’s mum, was not suffering from a food intolerance but some simple changes to her diet and lifestyle were suggested.

“I’m feeling good. Still tired but not getting all the slumps. I wake up still tired and not feeling energised. I have been having a lot of trouble with pain in my back and shoulders- so that probably isn’t helping as my body must be tired from that pain. It is getting sorted but taking a while. So still not fully energetic but definitely feeling better.”


“I’m so happy I went to visit Alyson for a food intolerance test, within the hour I was aware of what was causing my discomforts and Alyson had put together a food plan. Within a few days I already felt so much better. Alyson shared so much knowledge about food and the digestion process really helping me understand why my body needs certain things and when to eat. Well worth a visit if you are experience discomfort from food.”


“It’s been just over 5 weeks since I had my food intolerance test with Alyson and I am already seeing the results from the changes I was advised to implement. I was suffering from a very painful stomach due to reactions from foods I was intolerant to. Since switching foods to alternatives that were better for me, I feel so much better within myself. I have more energy and have even lost a few kilos!

The service and advice I received felt so personalised and I’m so happy that I finally have a conclusion to the way I have been feeling for years. For anyone thinking of having a food intolerance test at this clinic, I highly recommend it!”


“I just wanted to say a big Thank you for all your help and advice.  After my appointment with you I have completely cut out dairy and slowly but surely, I’ve got my digestion back on track!  I think everything was so sore and sensitive, it’s taken this long to calm down.  I can even have the odd bit of toast and vodka and soda!   I’ve found I am fine with sheep and goats milk products so I don’t feel super-restricted now.

Thank you so much for your invaluable advice. You had such a lovely caring, professional manner, I wouldn’t hesitate to come and see you again or recommend you to a friend.”


“For a very long time I had struggled with very painful tummy cramps and feeling under the weather which to me felt as though it took over my life, however I was then introduced to Alyson Carter through netball whom help change my life. I attended a nutrition meeting with her which I then took a food intolerance test to find out that I had a very strong dairy intolerance. I was so shocked at how quickly and accurate the test was. It was painless and would highly recommend. Alyson was so helpful and advised me on different food alternatives that I could eat and has supported me ever since with my diet and I cannot thank her enough. I can now honestly say that with her help my life is so different and I feel like a new person. I could not recommend Alyson enough.”